Modified Amsterdam Library of Object Images (ALOI)
Classes database


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Database Organization


We have using the ALOI database (collection of 1,000 objects recorded under various imaging circumstances) to obtain four object classes.

- Class 1: Soft circular objects.
- Class 2: Texture circular objects.
- Class 1: Soft square objects.
- Class 2: Texture square objects.

Related Papers

The Amsterdam library of object images. J. M. Geusebroek, G. J. Burghouts, and A. W. M. Smeulders. Int. J. Comput. Vision, 61(1), 103-112, January, 2005.

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Organization of the Database

The database is located in the directory: /media/disk/vista/BBDD/Classif_forum/ALOI_Classes

This database selection is for Grey values images. The directory contains:

  - Using_database:
Demo to using the database.
  - {clase1.mat, clase1.mat, clase3.mat, clase4.mat}: The objects divided into the four class described above.
  - seleccion_clase.m: Script to select the object from each class.

Note: This partition into classes also can be applied to Full color database, since the images are called the same in both kind of data. You have to using selection_clase with some easy changes in rutes of the images and the dimension of color images.