Full professors

Gustau Camps-Valls
My research is related to statistical learning, mainly kernel machines and neural networks, for Earth Observation and remote sensing data analysis.
Jesús Malo
I'm interested in understanding human vision from information theoretic principles. This statistical view has implications in experimental and computational neuroscience. (See the ex-cathedra statement).
Luis Gómez-Chova
My interests are related to machine learning and signal and image processing. The application domains are remote sensing data analysis and hyperspectral images with special focus on cloud screening.

Associate professors

Jordi Muñoz-Marí
At present I'm focused on kernel methods, support vector machines, semi-supervised and active learning. The main application field is on remote sensing data. I have recently worked with one-class classifiers applied to hyperspectral images.
Javier Calpe-Maravilla
My current research involves signal processing to develop new interactive man-machine interfaces and haptics, and real-time multispectral sensors and actuators. I'm also with Analog Devices Inc.

Assistant professors / Research scientists

Julia Amorós
I'm working on image fusion, developing downscaling and pansharpening methods. The goal is to tackle multitemporal image fusion and change detection problems with improved resolution.
Maria Piles
My research activity is centered in the retrieval of soil moisture and vegetation biogeophysical parameters from space observations (microwave radiometers, radars and hyperspectral imagers), and the development of multi-sensor downscaling techniques for enhanced information.

Mara Díez
I am conducting fMRI recordings of the visual brain using synthetic and natural images. I am director of the Optometry Clinic of the Universitat de Valencia, which has a range of experimental tools for vision research.
José J. Esteve-Taboada
I am developing computational models of the visual function based on functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging, psychophysics, and image statistics.
Valero Laparra
I'm working in image statistics and vision science. I have developed several methods for density estimation, measure independence, manifold learning and visual quality assessment.
Ana B. Ruescas
I am a data scientist and project manager. As a remote sensing specialist I have experience in several application areas like ocean colour and thermal algorithm development and validation.


Adrian Pérez-Suay
My background is on metric learning and kernel machines. I'm currently a postdoc at the ISP, working on feature extraction and classification problems in remote sensing cloud detection.
José Enrique Adsuara
Currently, I am working on learning parameters of differential equations, HPC for linear solvers, and causality. I am interested in machine learning, especially statistical learning and deep neural networks.
Roberto Fernandez-Moran
My current research focuses on cloud screening in multispectral imagery using machine learning techniques. Previously I was also involved in the algorithm improvement for the retrieval of soil moisture and vegetation parameters from microwave observations (SMOS).
Álvaro Moreno Martínez
My research has been mainly focused on remote sensing applications in vegetation. I have been actively involved in the development of physical and statistical models and the implementation of operational methodologies for the study of vegetation cover through satellite imagery at different spatial/temporal scales.

PhD students

Gonzalo Mateo-García
My background is in the field of applied machine learning. I am specially interested in applications to natural sciences like remote sensing and weather forecasting. Currently I am working with convolutional neural networks and kernel methods applied to cloud detection.
Anna Maria Mateo
I am working on developing machine learning algorithms for Earth Observation global monitoring. My current research is the incorporation of physical knowledge and multivariate output regression methods.
Daniel Heestermans Svendsen
I am working on machine learning methods for remote sensing and earth observation data. My current focus is on kernel methods, and the incorporation of physical knowledge in statistical methods.
Jose Antonio Padrón
My PhD thesis work is about developing a new family of anomaly change detection algorithms for remote sensing image processing and geoscience time series analysis.
Juan Emmanuel Johnson
My background is in enhancing manifold learning and alignment algorithms for improved dimensionality reduction and data fusion of remote sensing hyperspectral images. My current research involves feature learning and dependence estimation using kernel methods and semi-supervised learning for applications in Earth observation data.
Emiliano Díaz
My research interests include kernel methods, graphical models and causality. I'm interested in applications for detecting deforestation and coral bleaching.
Dan López
The main goal of my research is to develop automatic algorithms for the detection of clouds from remote sensing images. I mainly focus on the inclusion of prior knowledge and (spatial, temporal, angular) constraints in machine learning classifiers.
Diego Bueso
My research work is about machine learning and its application on remote sensing specifically in feature extraction and climate dynamics analysis. I am especially interested in soil moisture data analysis and climate teleconnections.
Benyamin Kheradvar
I am working on convolutional versions of linear + nonlinear models of visual neuroscience and using those in visual prosthesis and image quality metrics.

Alumni and past visitors

Marina Martínez-García
At IPL I've been working on computational visual neuroscience, modelling the processes that take place in the brain from the retinal images until we get information out of them.
Luca Martino
My primary research interests lie in the area of Monte Carlo methods for Bayesian inference. My specialty is focused on the random number generation problem and computational methods for stochastic quadrature, such as rejection sampling, MCMC algorithms and importance sampling techniques.
Soulivanh Thao
My current research interests are related to statistical methods for the detection and the attribution of climate change and especially for the attribution of extreme weather events. Attribution methods usually rely on the analysis of observations and climate model experiments.
Manuel Campos-Taberner
I'm with the UVERS group, doing my PhD thesis on biophysical parameter retrieval for crop monitoring, in particular in the FP7 ERMES project, and collaborating with ISP people on GP retrieval algorithms.
Devis Tuia
In my postdoc at the ISP group, I addressed a number of machine learning problems related to hyperspectral image processing including graph adaptation, active learning, and advanced kernel methods.
Juan Gutiérrez
In my PhD I applied advanced contrast perception models as regularization functionals to solve inverse problems such as image restoration and motion estimation and studied their connection to image statistics.
Irene Epifanio
My PhD work (best-thesis award in Physics and Maths 2003) was focused on perceptual and statistical image representations for image coding and texture classification.
Raul Santos-Rodríguez
My work at the ISP group included the development of multiinformation and divergence measures using Gaussianization transforms.
Gabriel Gómez
In my MSc work I applied accurate contrast perception models to improve Support Vector Regression in subjective domains for image coding.
Vicent Talens
In my MSc thesis I worked with a Kernel generalization of the SSIM image quality index well suited to be applied to hyperspectral images.
Sandra Jiménez
In my PhD years (best-MSc thesis award in Computer Science 2013) I analyzed the complexity of spatio-spectral signals for illumination invariant Bayesian reflectance estimation and hyperspectral image coding.
Marcelo Armengot
During my stay at ISP I used with Kernel Ridge Regression for image denoising assuming smoothness in the spatial domain.
Yolanda Navarro
In my MSc thesis I applied nonlinear models of chromatic contrast perception in wavelet domains to improve JPEG2000.
Jose Rovira
During my MSc work I contributed to develop nonlinear local-to-global Independent Component Analysis.
Francesca Bovolo
My work at the ISP group included the analysis of multi-temporal remote sensing image changes, and the definition of advanced one-class classifiers.
Mattia Marconcini
My work at the ISP group included the development of semi-supervised one-class classifiers for remote sensing data classification.
Luca Capobianco
My work at the ISP group included the development of target detection algorithms for remote sensing data analysis.
Helena Burriel
At ISP I built virtual worlds of controlled spatial arrangement to study the effects of occlusion, perspective and view point in 2D shape statistics.
Amparo Gil
in my MSc Thesis I developed in cortical image representations that are simultaneously robust to neural noise and energy efficient.
Borja Galán
I'm working in the statistical analysis of fMRI data to develop new models in computational visual neuroscience.
Koray Çiftçi
In my stay at IPL I addressed the problem of decoding the visual signals from simulated and real neural responses.
Emma Izquierdo
My PhD work included kernel-based nonlinear generalization of classical (linear) feature extraction techniques to improve classification results in remote sensing.
Fatih Nar
During my a year visit to IPL, I focused on processing optical images using kernel methods and variational methods, large scale anomaly change detection methods and digital terrain model (DTM) extraction. It was a joy to live in Valencia and life-time experience to work with productive and cheerful researchers in the IPL.