Aesthetics database

AVA Aesthetic Database

A new large-scale database for conducting Aesthetic Visual Analysis: AVA. It contains over 250,000 images along with a rich variety of meta-data including a large number of aesthetic scores for each image, semantic labels for over 60 categories as well as labels related to photographic style. To access the database please contact: eMail Us

  • AVA: A Large-Scale Database for Aesthetic Visual Analysis N. Murray, L. Marchesotti, F. Perronnin In Proc. IEEE Conf. Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, pages 2408-2415. IEEE, 2012.
  • Photo Quality Database

    A large and diversified bechmark database for the research of photo quality assessment. It includes 17.613 photos with manually labeled ground truth. The database consists of photos acquired from the professional photography websides and contributed by amateur photographers. Ir is divided into seven categories according to photo content.

  • Content-Based Photo Quality Assessment Wei Luo, Xiogang Wang and Xiaoou Tang In Proc. IEEE Int. Conf. Computer Vision, 2011.