Calibrated color image database

IPL Calibrated Color Image Database

The databse consists of 130 calibrated colour images of natural objects under calibrated illuminations.

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  • Van Hateren's Natural Image Database

    Approximately 4000 monochrome, calibrated images, photographed by Hans van Hateren. These images were obtained with a Kodak DCS420 digital camera. The format of the files is as follows: 1536 horizontal by 1024 vertical pixels, starting with a horizontal row in the upper left hand corner of the image.

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  • McGill Calibrated Colour Image Database

    The purpose of this database is to provide a large number of colour images of natural scenes, calibrated, if required, for use in biological and computer vision research. So far we have over 850 images, divided into 9 groups: Flowers, Animals, Foliage, Textures, Fruits, Landscapes, Winter, Man made, Shadows. The images were taken with two Nikon Coolpix 5700 digital cameras (called "Pippin" and "Merry"). The images in the database are 786 X 576 pixels, and were scaled from the 1920 X 2560 pixel originals..

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  • Barcelona Calibrated Image Database

    This dataset of calibrated images seeks to be device-independent, all-purpose and open database. It contains two main improvements over previous databases: first, it has been gathered using a calibrated camera (whose calibration process is explained in this website) and second, it accommodates a grey ball of known reflectance on the lower-left side of the image.

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  • Image Color Constancy Database (Funt)

    Our image database consists of approximately 11,000 images in which the RGB color of the ambient illuminant in each scene is measured. To build such a large database we used a novel set-up consisting of a digital video camera with a neutral gray sphere attached to the camera so that the sphere always appears in the field of view

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