ISP · Image and Signal Processing group

The Image and Signal Processing (ISP) Group at the Universitat de València (Spain) develops data analysis techniques and vision algorithms. We focus on methods able to extract knowledge from empirical data drawn by sensory (mostly imaging) physical systems. These measurements depend on the properties of the scenes and the physics of the acquisition process. Our approach to signal, image, and vision processing combines machine learning theory with the understanding of the underlying physics and biological vision.

Applications mainly focus on computational visual neuroscience, image processing, remote sensing data analysis, and geosciences. The problems posed in these disciplines require similar mathematical tools, where model inversion, uncertainty estimation, and causal inference from empirical data play a central role.

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Got a new exciting project from Fundación BBVA on causality in the human-biosphere interplay! New group members: Veronica Nieves, Irene Martin and Laura Martinez. Welcome! New ERC Synergy Grant on Understanding and Modeling the Earth System with Machine Learning, with Pierre Gentine, Markus Reichstein and Veronika Eyring! Boom! Check the Nature perspective paper on deep learning for the Earth Sciences just appeared online! Data-driven and Physics-aware learning as the way forward! Check out the Nature Scientific Data paper on upscaling carbon and energy fluxes. Great collaboration with our colleagues in Jena! Gustau Camps-Valls is the second most cited author in the area of "Engineering, electrical & electronic", the third in "Imaging science & photographic technology", and fourth in "Remote sensing" in iSpain Manuel Campos-Taberner received the best PhD Thesis Award from the University of València. Congratulations! covers our works about machine learning in the Google Cloud to monitoring our Planet! Manuel Campos-Taberner received the best PhD Thesis Award from the IEEE GRSS Spanish Chapter. Congratulations! Emmanuel Johnson received an Early Adopters grant to work on information extraction of the Earth System Data Cube. Congrats! We support machine learning in Europe through ELLIS We support machine learning in Europe through CLAIRE We support machine learning in Europe through ESA PhiLab Luis Gomez got the full professorship in the Department of Electronics in july 2018. Jesus Malo got the full professorship in Vision Science at the Department of Physics in july 2018. Professor Camps-Valls was recently elevated to the grade of IEEE Fellow by the Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society, and also recognized by the Signal Processing Society. + more