In the Image Processing Lab (IPL) environment, invited talks by senior researchers, postdocs and PhD students in meetings for informal discussion of their research are held regularly, organized by the ISP group. We call these talks FFT, that in this case stands for "First Friday Talk", even though they may happen at any point of the week ;-) Below you may find a (non-exhaustive) list of the talks done so far to get a flavour of our interests...

November 2021 "EUMETSAT Application of machine learning approaches to ocean colour topics" ML4OceanColour Ana B. Ruescas Assoc. Professor, Department of Geography / Mark Higgins EUMETSATISP/UV
Sept 2021 "Kick-off meeting MINECO PID2020-118071GB-I00" all tasks / visual-neuro tasks Valero Laparra / Jesus MaloISP/UV
July 2021 "Some observations on perceptual distances and statistical learning" (extra notes) Jesus Malo / Alex HepburnISP/UV, Bristol Univ.
July 2021 "Artificial Intelligence, Neuroscience and Physics: are these related?"
Slides here! (video in 3 parts below)
Part (1/3): Scientific method and perception; Natural Neurons; Artificial Neurons;
Statistics and causality; Physics via Artificial Neurons; Illusions in Artificial Nets.
J. Malo, M. Martínez, A. Gómez, E. Díaz, G. Mateo, A. MartinISP/UV
July 2021 "Artificial Intelligence, Neuroscience and Physics: are these related?"
Part (2/3): Illusions in Artificial Nets.; Debate with the audience
A. Martin, V. LaparraISP/UV
July 2021 "Artificial Intelligence, Neuroscience and Physics: are these related?"
Part (3/3): Debate with the audience
V. LaparraISP/UV
July 2021 "Escola d'Estiu d'Erasmus Facultat de Física UV"
Computación Cuantica; Inteligencia Artificial y Neurociencia; Ciencia de Datos en Física; Experimentación en Física Nuclear; Holografía y Optica Adaptativa
Dept. Física Nuclear
Dept. Óptica
June 2021 "Causality and interpretable in Earth sciences" ESA BIDsGustau Camps-VallsISP/UV
May 2021 "Living in the Physics and Machine Learning Interplay for the Earth Sciences" ETHZ Master Seminar Series, ZurichGustau Camps-VallsISP/UV
May 19th 2021 "Physics-aware Interpretable Machine learning in the Earth sciences" OCEANIX Seminar SeriesGustau Camps-VallsISP/UV
May 28th 2021 "Physics Aware Machine Learning for the Earth Sciences" MPML Seminar Series, LisboaGustau Camps-VallsISP/UV
1 April 2021 Natural Scene Statistics and Divisive Normalization models (video)Jesús MaloISP/UV
Jan 2021 "Advances in Machine Learning for Modelling and Understanding in Earth Sciences" Distinguished Lecture IEEE GRSS ItalyGustau Camps-VallsISP/UV
Dec 12th 2020 Advances in Machine Learning for Earth Sustainability Sustainable AI in practice 2020Gustau Camps-VallsISP/UV
Sep 28th 2020 Living in the Physics and Machine Learning Interplay - An AI agenda with examples for the DTE ESA-ESRIN, Italy Gustau Camps-VallsISP/UV
Jul 22th 2020 Advancing Deep Learning For Earth Sciences: From Hybrid Modeling To Interpretability IGARSSGustau Camps-VallsISP/UV
Jul 22th 2020 How to Surf the Physics and Machine Learning Interplay Machine Learning for Science and Engineering (MLSE) 2020Gustau Camps-VallsISP/UV
20 July 2020 Information flow in the Retina-Cortex pathway (CNS 2020), (video)Jesús MaloISP/UV
15 May 2020 Convolutional Nets Have Visual Illusions Jesús MaloISP/UV
Apr 7th 2020 Advances in Machine Learning for Earth Observation Dept Geography -- University of Zurich, SwitzerlandGustau Camps-VallsISP/UV
Feb 11th 2020 Advances in Machine Learning for Earth Observation UGent Data Science Seminar -- University of Ghent, BelgiumGustau Camps-VallsISP/UV
17 Jan 2020 Channel Capacity in Psychovisual Deep-Nets: Gaussianization vs Kozachenko-Leonenko (Manipal University, Jaipur, India) Jesús MaloISP/UV
Jan 11st 2020 Advances in Machine learning for Modelling and Understanding in Earth Sciences Severo Ochoa Research Seminars -- Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC), BarcelonaGustau Camps-VallsISP/UV
10 Jan 2020 Visual Illusions in Natural and Artificial Neural Nets (Indian Instit. Neuroscience, Bangalore, India) Jesús MaloISP/UV
9 May 2019 Information Theory for Visual Neuroscience Jesús MaloISP/UV
22 Feb 2019 Compactifying and Hashing Kernels Jose AdsuaraISP/UV
15 Feb 2019 Cloud screening in Sentinel-3: towards a new approach Roberto FernandezISP/UV
8 Feb 2019 Domain Adaptation of Landsat-8 and Proba-V data using Generative Adversarial Networks for Cloud Detection Gonzalo MateoISP/UV
23 Jan 2019 Gaussianization framework and the opportunities it opens in the deep learning era Valero LaparraISP/UV
14 Jan 2019 Explorer's group (every week) Valero LaparraISP/UV
11 Jan 2019 Application of the Hilbert transform for estimate velocity maps of geophysical variables Diego BuesoISP/UV
14 Dec 2018 Machine Learning Crop Yield Prediction Combining Optical and Microwave Remote Sensing Data Anna MateoISP/UV
5 Dec 2018 How do you infer something about the distribution over the physical variables that led to your observations? Daniel SvendsenISP/UV
18 nov 2020 Geometry of the space of visual stimuli: psychophysics and neural models (Sorbone Univ.) Jesús MaloISP/UV
23 Nov 2018 CausaLearner: an R package to benchmark causal inference methods Emiliano DiazISP/UV
9 Nov 2018 Machine learning for Earth observation: 15 ways to leave your lover Gustau Camps-VallsISP/UV
5 Oct 2018 Learning phase velocity vector fields Jose AdsuaraISP/UV
25 Sep 2018 Summer school in machine learning Summary Gonzalo MateoISP/UV
14 Sep 2018 Introducing new personnel Alvaro MorenoISP/UV
14 Sep 2018 Introducing new personnel Roberto FernandezISP/UV
8 Jun 2018 Multi task learning and online learning Adrian PerezISP/UV
18 May 2018 Multisource Distribution Regression Gustau Camps-VallsISP/UV
18 May 2018 Change detection in the wild Dan LópezISP/UV
11 May 2018 Crop yield prediction, gap filling Anna MateoISP/UV
3 May 2018 Convolutional Neural Networks for Cloud Screening: Transfer learning from Landsat-8 to Proba-V. Gonzalo MateoISP/UV
12 Apr 2018 Graphical models and causality: an overview Emiliano DiazISP/UV
14 Mar 2018 Exploring Spatial-Spectral Dimensionality of Earth Science Data Cubes Juan Emmanuel JohnsonISP/UV
9 Mar 2018 Kernel Complex Principal Components Diego BuesoISP/UV
Mar 2nd 2018 Neighborhood flow coupling: a method for finding intermittent communities in temporal networksUlf Aslak JensenCopenhagen Centre for Social Data Science, Denmark
Feb 2nd 2018 Introducing new personnelJosé Juan Esteve-TaboadaISP/UV
Jan 19th 2018 Introducing new personnelDan López and Diego BuesoISP/UV
Jan 12th 2018 Introducing new personnelEmiliano DíazISP/UV
Feb 10th 2018 Explorer's group (every week) Valero LaparraISP/UV
Dec 15th 2017 Sun Induced Fluorescence: from leaf level measurements to modellingMaPi Cendrero-Mateo LEO/UV
Dec 1st 2017 Multioutput: is it possible?Anna Maria MateoISP/UV
Nov 24th 2017 A family of kernel anomaly change detectorJosé Antonio PadrónISP/UV
Nov 17th 2017 The legend of the infinite bases...Luca MartinoUniversidad Carlos III, Madrid
Nov 10th 2017 Kernel Ridge Regression for Big DataGonzalo MateoISP/UV
Nov 10th 2017 Photon Recollision Probability: concept for cross scale consistency check between LAI and foliage clumpling products?Jan PisekTartu Obervatory, Estonia
Nov 3rd 2017 Derivatives in kernel methodsEmmanuel JohnsonISP/UV
Oct 27th 2017Online learning with the Kernel Ridge RegressionAdrián Pérez-SuayISP/UV
Oct 20th 2017Variational Digital Terrain Model (DTM) Extraction from High-resolution Digital Surface Model (DSM)Fatih NarKonya Food and Agriculture University, Turkey & ISP/UV
Sep 29th 2017Summary of the Gaussian Process Summer School 2017Daniel SvendsenISP/UV
Sep 15th 2017Fair Kernel LearningAdrian Perez-SuayISP/UV
May 26th 2017 ERC TALK + SIF DynamicsJochem Verrelst & Shari Van WittenbergheISP/UV
May 12th 2017A gentle introduction to particle filteringVíctor ElviraIMT Lille Douai | École d'ingénieurs & Centre de recherche
May 5th 2017Research + interests official presentationEmmanuel Johnson & Anna Maria MateoISP/UV
Mar 24th 2017SNAP overview and demoAna B. RuescasISP/UV
Mar 21st 2017Change detection in time-series of polarimetric SAR dataAllan A. NielsenDTU, Copenhagen, Denmark
Mar 3rd 2017The role of "ugliness" in aesthetic judgement predictionAlejandro PárragaComputer Vision Center (CVC) of the Univ. Aut. Barcelona
Feb 24th 2017 Disparate machine learning Valero LaparraISP/UV
Feb 5th 2017 Explorer's group (every week) Valero LaparraISP/UV
Jan 27th 2017 Submitted IGARSS abstract presentationManyISP/UV
Nov 11th 2016Measuring information between multidimensional variables: summary of approchesValero LaparraISP/UV
Oct 24th 2016Generalized vegetation indices.Gustau Camps-Valls>/td>ISP/UV
Oct 17th 2016From noisy lungs to the silent brain.Koray CiftciNamık Kemal University, Turkey
Oct 10th 2016Python workshop for dummies. materialGonzalo MateoIPL/UV
Oct 7th 2016Orientation Domains from Topographic ICAJesús MaloIPL/UV
Oct 4th 2016Kick-off of the reading group in causality theory and applications Directed by Valero Laparra & Marina Martinez-Garcia ISP/UV
Sep 9th 2016L-band Microwave Retrievals of Soil Moisture & Vegetation Parameters Maria PilesIPL/UV
July 15th 2016Semantic Segmentation of Small Objects and Modeling of Uncertainty in Urban Remote Sensing Images Using Deep Convolutional Neural NetworksRobert JenssenUniv Tromsø, Norway
July 8th 2016Enhanced Image Quality AssessmentValero LaparraIPL/UV
May 26th 2016Derivatives and inverse of a deep-network vision modelJesus Malo-LopezIPL/UV
May 26th 2016Connectivity in the brain using Topographic Independent Component Analysis Marina Martinez-GarciaISP/UV
April 26th 2016Cloud masking of remote sensing images: past, present and future opportunitiesLuis Gómez ChovaISP/UV
April 8th 2016Variable selection and outlier detection as a Mixed integer programStéphane Canu LITIS - INSA Rouen - Dep ASI
April 5th 2016Linear latent force models using Gaussian ProcessesDavid LuengoUniversidad Politécnica de Madrid
Dec. 21st 2015Advantages of normalizing locally your dataValero LaparraUni. València & New York Univ.
Dec. 18th 2015Advanced similarity Criteria for Spectral Clustering of Large Data SetsKadim TaşdemirAntalia International University, Turkey
Nov. 3rd 2015Measuring decision difficulty in monkey's cortexMarina MartínezAachen Univ. Hospital. Germany
Jun 22th 2015Decoding of complex visual stimuli from large retinal populations  (vision @ theoret phys)Vicent Botella-SolerInst. Science and Technol. (IST) Austria
Jun 19th 2015ICA and IVA: Theory, Connections, and Applications to Neuro ImagingTülay AdaliDept. Comp. Sci. Electr. Eng. University of Mariland (USA)
Jan 10th 2015Challenges in Vision Science: a summary of current proposalsJesús MaloUniversitat de Valencia
Oct 23th 2014Exploring translational invariant data with convolutional ICAJohannes BalleCenter for Neural Science (NYU), USA
Oct 17th 2014Efficient nonparametric regression with autocorrelated samples Juliane GellerDept. of Mathematics, Max Planck Inst. Jena, Germany
Sept 18th 2014Gaussian Processes: from intuitions to practical useMiguel LázaroDept. Sig. Proc. & Comm. Univ. Carlos III
Sept 10th 2014Optimal wiring in the visual pathwayLuis Martinez OteroInstituto de Neurociencias (CSIC)
Sept 10th 2014Cost / error balance in V1-like noisy steerable wavelet architecturesJesús MaloUniversitat de Valencia
Jul 25th 2014Kernel feature extraction (PhD defense)Emma IzquierdoUniversitat de Valencia
Jul 18th 2014A short history of almost every semantic representation method plus some very recent developmentsCarlo GattaCentre Visió Computador UAB
Jul 17th 2014The statistical basis of visual illusionsJesús MaloUniversitat de València
Jul 11th 2014Estimating information from image colors in natural scenesIvan Marin-FranchUniversitat de València
Jul 11th 2014Estimating multi-information via GaussianizationJesús MaloUniversitat de València
Jan 31th 2014Semisupervised Kernel Manifold AlignementGustau Camps-VallsUniversitat de València
Dec 16th 2013Color perception: towards a biologically plausible model of V1?Xavier OtazuCentre Visió Computador UAB
Dec 16th 2013Fitting multi-layer models using MAximum Differentiation (MAD)Jesús MaloUniversitat de Valéncia
Oct 4th 2013Probabilistic Cluster KernelEmma IzquierdoUniversitat de València
May 10th 2013Structured-deep Kernel Ridge RegressionGustau Camps-VallsUniversitat de València
May 10th 2013Visual information from noisy measurements. Generalization of Non-local Means: Bayesian inference and PDF estimationJesús MaloUniversitat de València
April 19th 2013Image metrics and image aesthetics: simple experiments refute current methodsJesús MaloUniversitat de València
Jan 28th 2013The relevance of invariance to transforms in object recognitionValero LaparraUniversitat de València
Jan 28th 2013Compression/segmentation of micro-array dataMiguel HernandezGroup Interactive Coding Images GICI-UAB
Jan 28th 2013Manifolds in multidimensional optimizationJavier PortillaInstuto de Óptica (CSIC)
Jan 28th 2013Manifold learning and image segmentationGustau Camps-VallsUniversitat de València
Jan 28th 2013Medical imaging segmentation problemsJoan BartrinaGICI-UAB
Jan 28th 2013CCSDS-hyperspectral coding schemeIan BlanesGICI-UAB
Jan 28th 2013Divide and conquer coding strategiesIan BlanesGICI-UAB
Jan 28th 2013On the different (sloppy) definitions of visual saliencyJesús MaloUniversitat de València
Jan 28th 2013Embedded QuantizersFrancesc AulliGICI-UAB
Jan 28th 2013Distortion metrics based on visibility thresholdsJesús MaloUniversitat de València
Jan 28th 2013Visibility ThresholdsFrancesc AulliGICI-UAB
Jan 21th 2013Chromatic Induction and Contrast Masking: similar models, different goals?Sandra JiménezUniversitat de València
Jan 14th 2013Blind Image Quality Assessment: the feature extraction + regression approachJesús MaloUniversitat de València
Dec 21th 2012Spatio-Chromatic adaptation via Higher Order Canonical Correlation Analysis (HOCCA)Jesús MaloUniversitat de València
Dec 14th 2012SIMFEAT: Kernel Feature ExtractionGustau Camps-VallsUniversitat de Valencia
Jul 10th 2012Image (not pixel!) features for classificationJesús MaloUniversitat de Valencia
May 5th 2012All you wanted to know about PCA and you were affraid to askValero LaparraUniversitat de València
March 30h 2012LASSO regression methods: opportunities for remote sensingGustau Camps-VallsUniversitat de València
Jan 10th 2012Cost-sensitive classification based on Bregman divergencesRaúl SantosUniversidad Carlos III Madrid
Jan 7th 2012Brain strategies for image and color distance computation (using RBIG)Jesús MaloUniversitat de València
Oct 14th 2011Inverse problems in bioengineeringJosé L. Rojo ÁlvarezUniversidad Rey Juan Carlos de Madrid
Oct 14th 2011Nonlinear MUSICManel Martínez RamónUniversidad Carlos III Madrid
Jun 23th 2011The role of machine learning in computational neuroscience and viceversaJesús MaloUniversitat de Valencia
Jun 10th 2011Principal Polynomial Analysis -PPA- with Local MetricValero LaparraUniversitat de València
Jun 6th 2011Advances in image quality assessmentZhou WangUniversity of Waterloo, Canada
Jun 6th 2011Image quality assessment using HSIC and KSSIMVicent TalensUniversitat de València
Jun 6th 2011Some theory and experiments on Visual SaliencyValero LaparraUniversitat de València
Jun 6th 2011Image Quality, Perception Models and Saliency at UVEGJesus MaloUniversitat de València
May 27th 2011Graph Matching for Classifier AdaptationDevis TuiaEPFL, Switzerland
May 22th 2011Kernel Minimum Noise FractionLuis Gómez-ChovaUniversitat de València
May 13th 2011Spatio-Spectral information in Remote Sensing: eigen-functions and applicationsSandra JiménezUniversitat de València
May 6th 2011Kernel Entropy Component AnalysisLuis Gómez-ChovaUniversitat de València
May 20th 2011Cluster based Active LearningJordi Muñoz-MaríUniversitat de València
Apr 15th 2011Recursive KernelsGustavo Camps-VallsUniversitat de València
Apr 1st 2011The image distortion problem: Improving VIF with HSIC and Div. Norm.Jesus MaloUniversitat de València
Dec. 2010Change detection with ANOVA kernelsMichele VolpiUniv. Lausanne, Switzerland
Dec 15th 2010Nonlinear statistical retrievals for IASIXavier CalbetEUMETSAT, Germany
Nov. 2010Large margin filteringRémi FlamaryINSA, Rouen, France
Oct 8th 2010Mutual Information and ICAJesús MaloUniversitat de València
Oct 8th 2010PansharpeningJoan Vicent TalensUniversitat de València
Oct 1st 2010Deep networks speech recognitionFred RatleNuance Communications, Canada
Jul 15th 2010Estudio comparativo de métodos de estimación de la fluorescencia de la vegetación: impacto de la resolución espectralMª Pilar CendreroUniversitat de Valencia
Jun 04th 2010KRR image denoisingMarcelo ArmengotUniversitat de València
May 7th 2010Non-linear nature of reflected light from rough surfacesJesús MaloUniversitat de València
Apr 30th 2010Bottom-up and top-down color attention for object recognitionJoost Van de WeijerComputer Vision Center. Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Apr 23rd 2010Cluster-based Active Learning for Compact Image ClassificationDevis TuiaEPFL, Switzerland
Apr 16th 2010Hilbert-Schmidt Independence Criterion (HSIC)Gustavo CampsUniversitat de València
Mar 12th 2010Semi-supervised one-classJordi MuñozUniversitat de València
Mar 5th 2010Tree detectionEmma IzquierdoUniversitat de València
Feb 19th 2010ENVISAT/MERIS and Landsat/TM image fusion using a multi-resolution linear unmixingJulia AmorosUniversitat de València
Jan 29th 2010Iterative Gaussanitation vs. deep Neural NetwoksMarcelo ArmengotUniversitat de València
Nov 4th 2009Non-linear Techniques for Manifold LearningJesús MaloUniversitat de València
Nov 4th 2009Kernel Methods for Metric Estimation Francesc FerriUniversitat de València
Jul 29th 2009Gaussianization-PCA for One-Class Remote Sensing Image Classification Valero LaparraUniversitat de València
Jun 19th 2009Gaussianization-PCA: an easy tool for optimal signal processingValero LaparraUniversitat de València
Jun 5th 2009Reinforcement Learning: a computational algorithm or a neural mechanism?José D. Martín-GuerreroUniversitat de València
May 22th 2009Gaussian Processes for RegressionGustavo Camps-Valls.Universitat de València
May 15th 2009Touch screen interfaces: Analog front ends and signal processing issuesJavier CalpeUniversitat de València
Feb 2nd 2009Bayesian image deconvolutionRafael MolinaUniv. Granada
Feb 2nd 2009Fisher Information in NeuroscienceJesús M CortésUniv. Granada
Feb 2nd 2009Nice statistical properties of V1 cortical responseJesús MaloUniversitat de València
Jan 16th 2009Kernel methods in Image Processing.Gustavo Camps-VallsUniversitat de València
Jan 9th 2009Measuring the mutual information reduction achived by linear transformationsValero LaparraUniversitat de València
Dec 12th 2008Band selection using mutual informationEmma IzquierdoUniversitat de València
Dec 5th 2008Detecting citrus trees with an airborne sensorJulia AmorósUniversitat de València
Nov 21st 2008Use of Acousto-Optic Tunable Filters as configurable spectral filtersJoan VilaUniversitat de València
Nov 12th 2008Doing the Wiki in 10'Jordi Muñoz-MaríUniversitat de València
Nov 7th 2008Cloud screening algorithm for MERIS and CHRIS multispectral sensorsLuis Gómez ChovaUniversitat de València
Nov 2nd 2008From your brain to your cell phone: Computational neuroscience in imaging systemsJesús MaloUniversitat de València
Oct 31st 2008Introduction to the ISP groupGustavo Camps-VallsUniversitat de València